What is my life about?
I'm 21, about to graduate with a double major in History and Historic Preservation,
and I'm lying in bed eating Cheetos
and looking at pictures of cats and Orlando Bloom.
The names Callie.

I know there have been other posts like this one, but I want to put my two cents in also. There’s something I truly love about the Star Trek fandom. Trekkies feel like home to me. Its like a comfort food you have after all the bullshit you’ve taken all day. I have other fandoms/ships I enjoy - I’m particularly inclined towards dramione, thorki, Legolas with who the fuck ever - but with Star Trek I feel like I can go ship whoever I want on any given day and it’s all good. No one is gonna try to correct me or say that’s it’s morally wrong or that it’s politically incorrect or that the older version is soooo much better because one dick or another fucked it up. Everyone’s polite with no ulterior motive and we all just get collectively angry at Chris Pine’s goddamn childishness. I really wish that the other fandoms were like this because seriously, can you imagine?


yeah but what if fred weasley became a hogwarts ghost

pulling pranks and flirting with seventh-years and telling an over-exaggerated version of his death to anyone who will listen, haunting slytherin first years and popping up in the boring classes and making faces at the teachers behind their backs

skip a few decades. george weasley dies.

fred’s ghost is never seen again in hogwarts

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I know we have book clubs and such.

But what about fanfiction clubs? Can we do that?

Read something collectively?

Get together for tea and biscuits over webcam?

Discuss the gay?

discuss the gay

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you don’t know pain or agony until you’ve lost to the same boss fight more than 3 times

and then you have the unskippable cutscene dialogue memorized, so you start repeating it in a mocking, angry voice

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Jack Frost is so adorable

I mean look at him

he realizes he has snow powers and he starts bouncing


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